Can Massage Help Improve Mental Wellbeing?

The Mental Health Foundation in England will this year launch their Mental Health Awareness Week 8-14th May 2017  with a focus away from mental ill-health to exploring how we can cultivate good mental health, recognising that many of us are simply in a surviving rather than thriving mode.

They refer to the fundamental need for people to be given the tools to develop resilience to cope with the inevitable disappointments and pain that life brings.

And, they claim “The good news is that resilience is not genetically inherited. It can be learned and strengthened (and shared)”.

And this is the part which struck me and called me to question if through my massage treatments I can help to impart positive feelings of well being in my clients.

I hope through my holistic approach to massage, value and investment in every one of my clients I can attend to their needs on the day be them of a more physical or emotional nature. I feel it’s important that mental health be spoken about openly and honestly to hep tackle the ongoing stigma people experience when they feel they cannot cope as they would like.

Evidence would seem to support the argument that massage as a complementary therapy can help improve our mental wellbeing.

To find out more about the positive effects different massage treatments can have on our mental health see link below.


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