Easing Neck and Shoulder Pain

A daily complaint I hear in my treatment room is chronic pain between the shoulder blades which can lead to restriction and pain into the neck, among other problems. Good massage is helpful to ease muscles in spasm, treat painful trigger points which may be referring pain into remote areas of the body and promote the circulation of blood and fluid to flush the area of toxic substances. The key to addressing the source of chronic shoulder pain is to address the issue of chronic poor posture which puts a repetitive strain on the muscles of the back as they over work to restore alignment. Exercise classes which focus on body awareness and posture such as Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance are one way to get to know your body better and address imbalances. In the meantime…

The following link shows how application of Kinesiology Tape (K Tape) can help to prolong the effects of massage. K Tape can be applied in various ways for a different treatment outcome. The main purpose of taping the shoulder in this link is to lift the skin under the overlying taped area to facilitate circulation and thereby self-healing/maintenance of the tissue. Muscle in spasm which impedes blood flow through the area quickly becomes an unwanted cycle of spasm and pain. An additional benefit may be a proprioceptive reminder to hold the shoulder appropriately, thereby correcting posture.

Ask your Massage/Sports Therapist about K Taping. It has many uses and may be your missing link to training recovery.



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