Seasonal Yoga Glasgow

Would you like to live in greater harmony with your environment and your self?

Could it be that the disconnection we experience is because we actively ignore the changing energy in our natural environment and how this should be reflected in our lifestyle and behaviour?

We (in our westernised culture) have become accustomed to living a 24-hour lifestyle, not a seasonal life.

Due to electric lighting, artificial heating and cooling systems, relative ease of travel, telecommunications, global economies and never-ending expectations most of us (we must admit) are completely out of touch with seasonal conditions and do NOT make adjustments to reflect the changing aspects of nature.

Is it any wonder we are all exhausted and out of kilter?

Seasonal yoga offers us an opportunity to reflect on our seasons and consider how we can change our focus to accommodate the rise and fall in energy throughout the seasons. According to most yogis, Seasonal Yoga consists of 5 seasons, adding a late summer season in its own right, as well as summer season.

Seasonal yoga also tends to marry together yoga philosophy and practice with traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on the 5 elements of water, wood, fire, earth & metal. These elements, in turn, feed into the 5 seasons.

Now, as August draws to a close we move into the season of late summer before transitioning into autumn. This season corresponds with the EARTH element in Chinese medicine. This stage in the cycle is a signal for us to slow down and reap the fruits of our efforts, accrued during the high energy seasons of spring and summer.

Yoga practice in late summer should focus on creating strong connections to the earth, centring oneself and stability and this can be reflected in our choice of yoga poses and by simply bringing our focus to the connection of our various body parts to the earth throughout our physical practice. Setting our intention for the practice to move with increased awareness of the support offered by the floor/earth may be all that is necessary to achieve this grounding effect.

For an illustrated guide to a late summer sequence follow the link below.

Late Summer Lifestyle Tips

  • Make time for yourself after the busy summer holidays
  • Eat/nourish the body with proper food, increasing the colour yellow in the diet
  • Exercise should be slightly less energetic than full summer, concentrating on muscle tone, core stability and balance
  • Strengthen your legs and feet which support your connection to the earth
  • Why not try going bare foot as much as possible?
  • Find out about local suppliers of seasonal fruit and veg boxes or sign up for a community garden/allotment where you could access planters to give home growing a go or come up with ideas of your own to re-connect with your world and importantly your SELF


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