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Our main therapist, Deborah, trained with the prestigious Western School in Glasgow gaining a Diploma in Swedish Massage. Then she obtained a Diploma in Remedial & Sports Massage which incorporates remedial training to deal with specific injuries and conditions.

Deborah’s academic background is in sports, having graduated from Jordanhill with honours in Sport in the Community in 1999. She is passionate about sports and remedial massage, working with athletes to fulfil their potential, as well as a wide range of other clients to restore wellbeing. At Restore Balance, we adopt a unique, personalised & holistic approach to each client’s needs.

Swedish Massage Glasgow

Swedish Massage derives its name from its ‘modern day’ founder Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish fencing master & gymnast who travelled to China and brought back massage techniques which he adapted to use with his athletes back in Sweden.

Swedish massage is the most commonly known type of massage. It involves a traditional massage, which is deeply relaxing as well as therapeutic, by relieving aches and pains, improving circulation, reducing stress and offering healing properties to soft tissue. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to improve circulation and oxygen in the muscles and to encourage the release of toxins that build up over time in the muscular-skeletal system.

Swedish Massage uses a variety of strokes to warm, soften, lengthen, break down soft tissue adhesions and cleanse the tissue. It may be a treatment aimed at relaxing the client, one which works deep into soft tissue to ease tension or stimulatory to invigorate the body. The needs of the client will be reflected in the pace and vigour of the treatment given.

Sports Massage Glasgow

Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage are now very popular for people presenting with musculoskeletal conditions, stress & anxiety. Sports and Remedial Massage offers an alternative to medical intervention & has the added benefit of not creating side effects sometimes associated with pharmaceutical remedies. The sporting community were amongst the first to embrace massage and research in Sports Medicine is helping to move massage from unscientific into medical acceptance.

Sports Massage Glasgow

Sports Massage is the specific use of Swedish & Remedial massage techniques to facilitate recovery from training, allowing athletes to train and compete more consistently. Sports Massage works by reducing muscle tension and decreasing sensations of fatigue and muscle soreness. Sports Massage is of particular value in helping to identify soft tissue at risk and thereby helps to reduce injury.

Remedial Massage Glasgow

Remedial Massage involves assessment of posture and movement and the application of appropriate Swedish and Remedial Massage techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, Active Release Techniques, PNF stretching and Trigger Point Release among other soft tissue/joint mobilisation techniques to help restore normal joint alignment and range of motion. Remedial Massage is of particular value post-injury: to help reduce pain associated with abnormal muscle tension, promote recovery, to restore the body to more neutral alignment and restore pain-free movement.

Massage Treatment Prices

1-hour Massage: £45

90-mins Massage: £60

For any other treatment times or durations, or for block booking discounts, please contact us!

Extensive Experience In Well-being

You’re in good hands. Deborah has extensive experience in exercise referral, exercise instruction, exercise for cardiac rehabilitation, health promotion, event massage, yoga practice, yoga training, and teaching massage and has, over the last seven years, specialised in sports and remedial massage in her own clinic.

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