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There’s so many yoga classes in Glasgow, and so many styles to choose from, it can often be difficult to choose a class, particularly if you are new to yoga or just want to try and see if it’s for you.

Because there’s so many, I thought I’d write a blog to share my experiences – as a yoga teacher but also as a yoga student – of the classes I like to go to and which styles interest me. In recent times, I have returned to a few specific classes which offer very different styles of yoga and styles of teaching. This keeps things both fun and challenging.

In this post, I will provide 3 very different flavours of yoga class and why I continue to enjoy practicing with these teachers.

Balance Yoga Studio, Glasgow

I undertook my yoga teacher training with Gerry Kielty at Balance Yoga & Complementary Centre after attending Gerry’s Thursday Hatha Yoga drop-in class.

His attention to detail and safety – with clear instruction emphasising correct body alignment and setting strong foundations – gave me the confidence that I would be embarking on a rigorous, quality diploma. I was not mistaken.

I encourage clients and friends to attend Gerry’s class for yoga taught properly, unpretentious and emphasising substance over more stylised yoga classes out there.

Restoring Balance Yoga aims to bring greater awareness to posture, body placement and ultimately finding freedom and joy in our bodies as we explore progressively more challenging postures and sequences.

Here’s what one client had to say about Restoring Balance:

“Learn yoga step by step for wholesome wellbeing”.

Shanti Yoga Classes Glasgow

Another very different flavour of yoga class I attend is Vinyasa level 2 with Jamie Fletcher at Shanti Yoga Studio. The focus of Jamie’s class is a sequence of yoga poses threaded together in interesting and imaginative ways which culminate in a challenging peak pose which often involves contorting the body into the shape of an animal.

Jamie’s class is fun, challenging, energetic and adventurous. Every week sees something different and while encouraged to explore shapes with our bodies there is no pressure to do so.

Yoga Healing, Glasgow

For a more ‘energetic’ focus to my yoga practice I enjoy Seasonal Yoga Workshops with Anna Daintry at Yoga Healing Studio. Anna runs weekly Seasonal Yoga classes but the workshops are longer sessions which coincide with seasonal changes and gives students the opportunity to explore not only poses we should emphasise to harmonise with our environment, but the foods we should try to eat as well as discussion of the Chinese elements system and how to harness these elements within our practice.

Anna’s classes are welcoming, accepting and supportive and I leave feeling balanced and calm.

Experiment and Explore

There is a wealth of yoga classes out there and I would urge anyone considering taking up yoga to try as many different styles with as many different teachers to find the best fit for you. Don’t make your mind up that yoga is not for you based on one class experience.

To build the foundations of a strong life-long practice in a welcoming and supportive environment book into Restoring Balance Yoga and start your journey.


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