Get Your Exercise In Now To Ward Off Seasonal Colds

Exercise Nature's Medicine

Most of us will be aware by now that taking regular physical exercise helps to strengthen our bodies and our immune function. And, as the saying goes “moderation is the key’, with excessive amounts of exercise and insufficient recovery periods having detrimental effect on our immune system.

Exercise – Nature’s Medicine

According to Hutchinson, A (2011) “Researchers suggest that physical activity tinkers with the balance between two types of immune cell…moderate exercise tilts the balance to limit excess inflammation. But prolonged, intense exercise suppresses inflammation too much, preventing the immune cells from doing their job”. (more…)

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Can my brain cure my back pain?

Woman holding her back

Could taking a placebo, a pill which contains nothing but ground rice, really help cure back pain?

The placebo effect is well studied but at the same time something of a mystery. The word placebo comes from the Latin “I shall please” and is associated with images of quack doctors selling dodgy cures.

Yet it is also an important part of modern clinical trials, where patients are given either a placebo (sometimes called a dummy pill) or an active drug (without knowing which is which) and researchers then look to see if the drug outperforms the placebo, or vice versa.

But what if you decided to do a placebo-controlled trial on back pain, with a twist? The twist being that everyone, unknowingly, was getting placebo? Would people taking the pills get better anyway?

That’s what we set out to test for BBC2’s Horizon programme, Can my brain cure my body? (more…)

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How Does Remedial Massage Help Ease Lower Back Pain?

Remedial massage Glasgow


Back pain can be the result of many factors and it is important to know when to seek medical attention as, when left untreated could lead to serious complications.

(A list of ‘red flags’ of serious potential harm to the spine will be detailed at the end of the article)

Fortunately, these cases are rare and most back pain will with time and attention (minimising repetitive strain, reducing impact on the body, adopting balanced exercise and lifestyle change) subside and allow the sufferer to return to normal activities.

Most of us will be aware that modern living; an increasingly sedentary lifestyle facilitated with long hours of commute and desk-bound work as well as the explosion in the use of hand-held gadgets is taking it’s toll on our bodies with the prevalence of reported back pain at significantly high levels and increasing.

Low back pain probably affects around one-third of the UK adult population each year.

Source I

A global study reported in 2014 found “… lower back pain caused more disability than any other condition, affecting nearly 1 in 10 people and becoming more common with increasing age”.

Source II

Acute and chronic episodes of low back pain, sometimes excruciating may not necessarily be indicative of potential injury to the spinal column (which can have devastating consequences of paralysis) but the physical and emotional toll of back pain cannot be under estimated by the sufferer and the economic cost to industry is substantial.


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Remedial Massage For Winged Scapula


What does a ‘winged scapula’ mean?

This condition refers to a shoulder blade which, rather than sitting flush against the ribcage is actually rotated forward, away from the midline of the spine with the lower angle (the pointed part) protruding. The shoulder blade (also known as the scapula) effectively ‘wings’ off the torso.

What are the causes of a ‘winged scapula’? (more…)

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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage For Athletic Recovery

Despite there not being a substantial body of scientific evidence to support the use of massage in the active recovery period for athletes, massage has long been in use to aid recovery within sport.

The main effects are:-

  • To reduce fatigue from training to enable the individual to start back training or competition feeling refreshed.
  • To reduce muscle soreness from training or competition by reducing muscle tension and enhancing circulation.
  • Helping to prevent strains to soft tissue by identifying and treating soft tissue under tension which, if left untreated, may lead to an over use injury.

There is evidence of massage leading to improved mood and feelings of well-being which boost both psychological and physical relaxation.

Massage calms the nervous system and allows the body to self-heal. (more…)

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What It Means To Be Human


Emotion wheel 2
Wheel of Emotion


There is some controversy over the number of human emotions we exhibit but they are generally held to be happiness, sadness, anger, fear and disgust.

And while it’s important to stay positive and not to feed our ‘negative’ emotions we need to acknowledge that they are part of our primal biology and have evolved for a reason, chiefly to keep us safe from harm, to protect us or to motivate us to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

What happens when we deny our emotions?


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Can Massage Help Improve Mental Wellbeing?

The Mental Health Foundation in England will this year launch their Mental Health Awareness Week 8-14th May 2017  with a focus away from mental ill-health to exploring how we can cultivate good mental health, recognising that many of us are simply in a surviving rather than thriving mode.

They refer to the fundamental need for people to be given the tools to develop resilience to cope with the inevitable disappointments and pain that life brings.

And, they claim “The good news is that resilience is not genetically inherited. It can be learned and strengthened (and shared)”. (more…)

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Sugar “The Seductive Enemy”

Sugar Free Farm is returning to TV screens this evening (Tuesday 10th January 2017) on ITV at 9pm for a second series which sees celebrities attempt to quit sugar in favour for hard labour on a farm. They will be rewarded with a wholesome meal.

The danger to health of high sugar diets will be explored along with the withdrawal effects of emitting refined sugars from our diet.

A bracing reality check for most of us Westerners who (unwittingly or not) consume quantities far far in excess of recommended levels.

Tune in!



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Any Amount of Exercise is Better Than None

An article on the BBC News website today highlights the results of an 18 year study into the effects of exercise on the development of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Good news for Weekend Warriors; those people who cram their exercise into a day or two over the weekend. Similar health benefits are conferred.


The full report can be accessed by following the link below.

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